About Us

Our team is strategically located in the city of Tijuana, B.C. dedicated to equip, supply and solve problems of the industrial sector. We develop strategies that allow our clients to improve their processes and generate greater competitiveness in the market. Looking to reinforce the customer-supplier relationship through the continuous improvement of our services, to become a leader company, national and worldwide.



We provide services for different industrial areas, which allows us to deliver effective and integral solutions.


We have the necessary elements to maintain the production area, as well as units’ repair supplies to guarantee a perfect operation.

Machining and Automation

We perform precision machining and we have the necessary technology to optimize industrial processes.

Safety and Hygiene

We provide industrial and personal safety equipment that meets the standards required to ensure the physical integrity of its user. As well, we supply personal hygiene equipment for the elimination, reduction and control of polluting agents, guaranteeing the user´s safety.


Our system centralizes the information from your departments, allowing availability of tools necessary for an efficient development of the company.

  • Issue of reports.
  • Real-time statistics.
  • Costs reduction.
  • Standardization of processes.
  • Automatic restock system.
  • Alert and notificacion system.